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This Server is Active! Download a Client @
If you plan on playing, please read this Blog Post @ WWW.RMTT.ICU [[1]] is a private server which has appeared numerous times in the past, always under the same ownership.

Chobots Logo 2013

2015-2017 Homepage 2016 had a fairly large userbase (roughly 500 users) when it started as it was a continuation of & MyChobots. shut-down originally in the Summer of 2016 after a falling out between different team members. later shut it's doors sometime in late 2016 or early 2017, after sitting abandoned for a few months.

Not much can be found on the web anymore of either of these Private Servers, besides a Twitter Handle (@playchobots) however some Skype Groups do still exist (with very little chatlog information, but some team members) to hopefully archive more information here in the future.

2020-Present was re-opened in 2020 by Brock as a hobby/passion project, and remained online for quite a few months until shutting down in April 2021

2022 Homepage 2022 was opened in September 2021 and shortly after it gained a few users a new team was formed and was reborn once again - opening on December 31, 2021.

Temporarily both games were live and running simultaneously, essentially performing as a "Old Client" & "New Client" with one game having updated features and the other being a more familiar and older style of Chobots - however due to bugs this was temporarily put on the backburner.

Since this change, has received many new change - many of which are focused on revitalizing the games artwork/graphics. Some examples are the new higher resolution Cafe St or the redesigned Vault which ties in better with the games art style.

Information & is ran under ([[2]]), which is a Community dedicated to preservation of Online Experiences which have been abandoned.

Staff Staff (Needs Attention)
Name Username Position Tenure
Brock Brock Administrator/Developer 2015-
N/A Hershey (prev. Cameron) Administrator/Developer 2015-2016 2021-2022
N/A Voice Developer 2015-2016
N/A Michael Designer 2016
N/A Ali Designer 2016 2022-
N/A Monty Designer/Administrator 2015-2016
N/A Teckon Developer 2015-2016
Tyler TheArtsie Developer/Designer 2021-
N/A Antonio Developer 2021-2022
N/A e26mi Moderator 2021-2022
N/A doobie Moderator 2021-
Daniel Daniel Developer 2021-
N/A Hudson Moderator 2022-
N/A MrHoolagan Designer 2022-