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This Server is Offline! - Closed in September 2012
This page needs your help! It's missing lots of information was a private server which was not licensed by Vayersoft LLC. was very short lived, but came online twice in March 2012 until April 2012, and finally the month of August 2012. This private server was owned by ~N9. Homepage March 27, 2012 (Web Archive)

April 2012 Shutdown

In April 2012, a month after it's release ~N9 posted the following statement on the website. "I decided I don't want to run this game without making money. I don't get enough donations to keep this running / for personal use. If you would like back please contact me, and why I should open it.

Thanks... ~N9 (Skype is theboringbrick) The following snippet can be viewed @

August 2012 Re-Open

The game re-opened in August 2012 under a "new owner" by the name of ysmo shortly after the closure of Unlike last time, citizenship and other items were available for purchase however the game still shutdown within a matter of weeks.


There was a team page, however Web Archive failed to save this. The two names which I can remember personally are Seether, and ~N9.


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