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This Server is Offline! - Closed in April 2014
This page needs your help! It's missing lots of information was a private server which was not officially licensed by Vayersoft LLC. It was initially going to be under an agreement, however this was breached and the game continued to operate. Began it's Public Beta in October 2011 and officially released in January 2012, was met with very positive reception and consisted of some Staff Members. The game lived until April 2014. Logo

The Beginning "Welcome Back"

a [Blog post] was made on October 6, 2011 by the Staff with the official announcement of the Chobots world's grand re-opening. Website Aug 2012

Public Beta began on October 9, 2011 and continued until January 2012 when it Officially released.


The Team added a plethora of new Features, Items, Rooms, and other general improvements to the game, as well as patched many of the "Hacks/Cheats" which were created as a result of the Source being leaked causing it's closure in 2011

Community had a massive player base in comparison to other Private Servers, and had a fairly active player base as-well leading up to 2014.

Closure February 2014 (Final Web Archive Backup) closed it's doors in April 2014 following a [Facebook Post] "Beloved users of, It is with deep regret I have to inform you that our game has come to an end. It has been a great journey and Chobots has been a great part of our lives. We have shared memories and made new friends. Friendships made on Chobots can never be replaced. With much sadness, today is the day we must say goodbye. The team would like to thank everyone for their dedication to the game. There is a website named Chobotical claiming relationship to — this is not true. We wish everyone the best of luck in their futures."

Despite the claims of not having relation to Chobotical, it did contain some Team Members after a falling out between the .net staff.

Private Server Complications

The first "large" private server to release during's life-time was and one of the initial responses of the Staff Team was to ban users who were caught playing on the server, this trend was seen with all private servers following, however instead of banning users the Staff Team began only banning users involved with Moderating & Launching the Private Servers instead.