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Quets were accessible via NPC's that Chobots players could interact with in-game to earn bugs or items. This article lists the quests and related features that appeared in Chobots.



The Chopix quest was one of the first quests users could play, the first time a user speaks to chopix they will be gifted special glasses which turn the world purple. This will allow the player to see Evil Nicho Bots, speaking to Chopix after this will start the quest and they will spawn around the world in various Locations

Users walking at regular speed will be unable to catch the Nicho Bots and will require a faster hover board or boots, or can temporarily gain a speed boost from the Magic Items at the Magic Shop in Shop Street.


Christochob's quest requires players to assist him with picking up garbage around the island, upon first speaking to Christochob user's will receive the garbage vacuum which they'll need to wear to pickup trash! Speaking to Christochob again will start the quest.

Trash can be found in various Locations across the world.

Dr. Alan Chogreen

This Quest is from - Dr Alan Chogreen could be found in the Chlos Lab (in the Academy), his quest consists of helping him find 10 "Pet Parts"

Cowboy Alex

This Quest is from -


SantaCho has had a few different variations of his quests over the years, the first quest being in December 2008 on This quest consisted of 3 bells which users needed to assist with finding around the map scattered in different Locations - Once users retrieved and delivered the bells, they would receive a Christmas Hat.

No Information on SantaCho quest at this time.



Choproff can be found in the Academy, he will ask you questions about Earth. If you answer them correctly, you'd be rewarded with Glasses, a Globe, or Bugs. The Answers/Questions change slightly every few years to remain relavent.