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Thomas was a Moderator on and an Administrator of Chobotical. Thomas also known as RedCP is a relatively well known Community/Staff member of Chobots and has contributed information that is displayed on the Wiki. Many of his edits were published on but were brought over with his permission.

Thomas joined the team in Month of 20## and was a Moderator until the game shut it's doors in April 2014.


Thomas was apart of the Administration team of Chobotical, and remained with the team from start to finish.

Chobotical Team Page Description

Thomas is the chief administrator here at Chobotical. He makes sure everything is running smoothly both behind-the-scenes and on-the-scenes. He is also the immediate team leader, and ensures Chobotical's progress. Thomas is also co-founder and the current CEO of Sugarfruit Studios.

While not working on Chobotical, Thomas enjoys hanging out with his friends. He also loves to play games, including online, video games, and sports. Although he enjoys the summer, he prefers the winter months. If you ever see him, feel free to say hi!


Thomas was also apart of the Administration of, a community which worked towards modifying and running private servers of many different games/software such as Club Penguin, Chobots, Pandanda, Xat, and others.