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Template:Infobox website Vayersoft LLC was a graphic design company based in Lviv, Lviv in Ukraine. Vayersoft was the company that published, developed, and oversaw Chobots, and most staff members of the Chobots team were direct employees of Vayersoft based in their office in Lviv. Vayersoft was shut down by 2016.

Vayersoft's About Us Description

Vayersoft offers visual solutions for businesses and virtual worlds for everybody. Visual solutions include 3D rendering and animation,

Vayersoft's 3D team is developing and growing. It's been over 8 years ago that a small team of passionate 3D artists started producing architectural visualization. And it's now when there's a company ready to find a graphic solution just for you. And there's no limit to our and your fantasy!


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