What's a Private Server?

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Private Servers

A private server, also known as a server emulator or an instance, is an unofficial recreation of an original game that uses the same files as the original game but is hosted on a different server and uses its own unique database. There have been several Chobots private servers; unofficial recreations of the original Chobots game.

The only official and recognized private servers of Chobots were Chobots.de and Chobots.in, respectively the German and Indian instances of Chobots, which were licensed by Vayersoft. Kavalok (Kavalok.com) was a "private" server owned by Vayersoft used as a test server for Chobots before updates to the actual live game were pushed.


Chobots private servers are not officially recognized nor licensed by Vayersoft, meaning that they are technically illegal, and are instead run by individual groups, organizations, and people; typically players of the original Chobots game. Because they run on their own server and use their own databases, hence the name private server, players have to create new accounts on each Chobots private server and cannot directly transfer over their accounts on other Chobots instances. Chobots private servers are also run on their own separate websites with their own unique domains.

One Very Important thing to note, is by default Chobots does not encrypt passwords - this means you should presume your Password is stored in Plain Text. Anyone with access to the database will be able to see your password & email used to register. It is highly recommended you use a fake email or a brand new never used password.

Chobots.us does hash passwords currently, Chotopia.us (Shadow) claims to also hash user passwords - it is still recommended that you use a unique password on all services you use online.

Online Private Servers

  • Chotopia.us (Previously Chobots.cf/Chobots.ws) (2014-2021)
  • play.Chobots.wiki/Chobots.us (2023-) - Brock
  • Missing a server? Notify us on the discord!

List of Private Servers