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William signed up to Chobots.com on 21th December 2008 after reading a [blog post] on Mimo777's Club Penguin Blog. On [15th January 2009] William was promoted to Agent by Lolo after being recommended by Primarygames and Oliver1.

William was well known for his [YouTube channel] and video series [Chobots Epic Movie]. William's videos were often featured on the Chobots Blog. In collaboration with Jessie2000 William ran weekly video contents on the Chobots Blog and later became a full author on the blog.

In the final year of Chobots.com William was promoted to Moderator following a recommendation from Jessie2000. TinaGothic promoted agents William and Royaltapdancer to moderators on the same day. William was also initially a Moderator on Chobots.net, however left shortly after launch due to disagreements with management.

William also launched Chobots Universe alongside Kai, however the project was closed down to give William more time to study for his University degree.