Nichos Kingdom Mission


Nicho's Kingdom Mission

File:Nichokingdom requireditems.jpg
The Headlamp, and 2 magic items needed to complete the mission

The Nicho Mission was the second mission and Final official mission added in Chobots that could be accessed from the Missions Agency. The goal of the mission was to make it to the end of the maze, and prevent the Nichos from stopping the Chobots' operation.


Once inside of the mission, it required the Head Lamp item or the user could use a magic item to see, the level also featured multiple challenges which required the user to use a Speed Boost or Hover Board/Boots, and Invisibility to pass through.

How to complete

Accessories and Magic

The first steps to starting the mission is to head to Shop Square and enter the shop, once inside visit the accessories store and acquire the Lightbulb item, this is a hat item which allows you to see while playing the mission.

Once you've gotten your lightbulb, head over to the Magic Shop to obtain 2 items - the Speed Magic and the Invisibility Magic.

Stage 1

File:Nichokingdom room1.jpg
Room 1

The first room you enter will be guarded by 2 large nichos Statues, you'll need to use the Invisibility Magic to get passed them otherwise they will hit you with lasers and send you back to the Missions Room. Once you've used your magic, you can safely cross and before you enter the next room some bugs are laying on the ground in the top left corner after the nichos.

Stage 2

File:Nichokingdom room2.jpg
Room 2

To complete the second room, you'll need to use the Speed Magic to cross the bridge. Unfortunately, unlike using speed boots in the Chopix Mission - these items won't assist you with the bridge and it'll crumble under you and you'll fall into the lava, sending you back to the Missions Room.

Once you've successfully crossed, speak to Gune who will instruct you to pull the rope to free him. Once he is free, you will be rewarded with a Nichos Head helmet which you can wear as well as 800 bugs.


Congratulations! You completed the Nichos Kingdom Mission, this mission can be replayed to earn even more bugs.