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Welcome to The Chobots Wiki!

Welcome to The Chobots Wiki, a free encyclopedic resource for the game Chobots! We are dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of Chobots and creating a guide for anyone to learn about the virtual world.

We currently have 45 Articles, 181 Pages, 126 Files, and 525 Edits, as of May 29, 2023 @ 01:05 (24 Hour Format) - Timestamp : 20230529010516

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Thank you for your contributions! Together, we can bring forth the most useful resource for remembering Chobots.

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Some of our information on the Wiki is from with the permission of Thomas/RedCP


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This Website was Created & Mainted by Brock Sexton @ [] with the help of you, the Community.

A huge shoutout to the Original Chobots Team, and the amazing communities which followed. will NEVER contain advertisements, and will be hosted for as long as possible. Regular Archives are being made at, if you notice it hasn't been archived in-awhile or is missing pages, help us archive it by using Web Archive's Save Tool -> [[1]]

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