Chobots Staff


Chobots Staff

Chobots Staff were the real people who worked professionally for Chobots and were members of the official Chobots Team. Staff members were generally referred to as moderators, a catch-all term, though moderation was just one role fulfilled by certain staff members. Staff members who did not officially work for Vayersoft but instead volunteered remotely were generally referred to as promoted moderators.


While most staff members were adults who were employed by the Ukraine based company that owned and published Chobots, Vayersoft, other staff members were volunteers and did not officially work for Vayersoft nor were based at the Vayersoft office in Lviv.

Some staff members worked as moderators, who policed in-game users, enforced the rules and promoted safety. Other staff members worked as members of the community team, who were more directly involved with the Chobots community, fulfilling roles such as writing on the official Chobots blog, and often also were part of the moderation team. Other staff members were members of the support team, who responded to players that sought out support or assistance related to Chobots, typically via email. Finally, there were staff members who were members of the development team, including developers, programmers, and engineers who programmed the back-end server-side scripts for Chobots, and artists and designers, who produced the visual graphics and arts for Chobots.

Staff members could be identified with a unique moderator badge that appeared in the upper right corner of their player profiles. Moderators were capable of performing special animations called magic in rooms, and used magic to host parties. Moderators also ran official in-game mini-game contests and competitions and could reward bugs and items.

Moderators could send users warning notifications and chat ban them, forcing them only to use the picture chat for a period of time. Furthermore, moderators could kick users out of a server, forcing them to refresh their page, and could also ban users from playing the game for a given period of time if they broke the rules.

List of Staff

The List of Staff for

Name Username Position Active
Vadim vayerman Administrator 2008-2011
Mayxm go!/chlos Developer 2008-2010
N/A [canab] Developer 2008-2011
N/A vit Developer 2008-2011
N/A - Yaroslav? slash Developer 2009-2011
N/A mezk Developer 2009-2011
Maria hikikomori Community Manager 2009-2011
Christina tinagothic Head Manager/Support 2008-2011
Jake cat Volunteer Moderator 2011
N/A smurfet Moderator 2010-2011
N/A sonorus Moderator 2010-2011
N/A lolol Moderator 2008-2009
N/A zarich Moderator 2010-2011
Trey chobot Volunteer Moderator 2009-2011
Nina puffles Volunteer Moderator 2010-2011
Deborah jessie2000 Volunteer Moderator 2010-2011
William william Volunteer Moderator 2011
N/A royaltapdancer Volunteer Moderator 2011