Vayersoft LLC

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Type Design and Gaming
Industry Video Games, 3D Modeling
Founded 2000
Defunct 2014*
Headquarters Lviv, Ukraine
Key People Vadim Yeremeychuk
Products Chobots, 7Wizards, Тида, Korporate Wars,,
Website [Archived Website Link]

About Vayersoft

Vayersoft was a Ukrainian design and gaming company known for its contributions to the gaming industry, particularly in the development of virtual worlds and online games. The company began as a 3D modeling and architectural visualization firm before transitioning into the gaming sector with the launch of their first game,, in 2008.

Small Team Doing Great Things

Vayersoft started as a team of IT experts, leveraging their skills in 3D modeling and visualization. Their entry into the gaming industry marked a significant pivot, showcasing their versatility and innovation. About Page September 2009/WebArchive


Vayersoft was known for various successful projects in the gaming industry. Some of their most notable works include:

  • A family virtual world with millions of players worldwide, featuring exclusive flash games and innovative technology.
  • 7Wizards: A social game offering a unique experience for wizards enthusiasts.
  • Тида - The World of Atlantis: A premium mobile game with a unique combat system, unknown if ever released at this time.
  • Korporate Wars: another MMOG title, not much is known at this time.
  • A premium MMOG for mobile devices.
  • An online "gaming portal" created by gamers for gamers.

Transition to Gaming

Following the success of Chobots, Vayersoft fully transitioned into game development. This move was marked by the creation of various online games and virtual worlds, establishing Vayersoft as a notable player in the gaming industry.


Vayersoft seemed to slow down after the hacking attacks which caused Chobots to shutdown, the website was operational until the end of 2014, when it was replaced with a Domain For Sale page. The official reasons behind its closure remain unknown.


Vayersoft's impact on the gaming industry may be small, it left a large impact on many of us. Quite a few of these games formed lifelong friendships, and it remains a testament to their innovation and creativity.