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Location The Park
Character Type Quest Giver
First Introduced February 27, 2009
Originating Game
Rewards Chopix Glasses, 50 Bugs, 1000 Bugs

Character Overview

Chopix is a popular figure in Chobots, the Chopix quest was the second quest users could play.

Quests and Missions

The first time a user speaks to Chopix, they will be gifted special glasses which turn the world purple. This will allow the player to see Nicho Spy Bots.

Speaking to Chopix after this will start the quest, and they will spawn around the world in various locations.

While collecting the Spy Bots, users will receive 50 Bugs! It is highly recommended to utilize a Clothing Item which increases your speed or Speed Magic

Upon completion, the user will receive 1000 Bugs! This quest is repeatable if the user logs out and logs back in.


Chopix is 1 of 3 Characters featured in these YouTube videos (Video 1 - Chobots Teaser! (Video 2 - Chobots Story Reel posted by Vadim Yeremeychuk, and has a statue in The Park.