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The Park (locPark)
The Park during Spring
Location Lower Map
Room Type Public Room
Introduced October, 2008
Room Features Chopix Statue, SweetBattle, ChoThrow, Quests
How to Access Lower Map, or from loc3 (Café Street)


The Park (locPark) is a public room and one of the original locations in Chobots. Located in the Lower Map, The Park has been a hub for player interaction, quests, mini-games, and special events since the game's early days.

Features and Attractions

  • Chopix Statue: A prominent statue of Chopix stands in the center of The Park.
  • Sweet Battle: This food-fight mini-game allowed up to three players to battle each other by throwing various food items.
  • ChoThrow: A 1v1 mini-game where players would throw pillows, lettuce, and tomatoes at each other until one chobot emerged victorious.
  • Quests: Two quests originated in the park, including the Chopix quest and, for a time, the seasonal Santa quest.
  • Moderator Parties: The Park is a popular spot for moderators to host parties and special events where players can interact with Mods and sometimes gain special items.

Images and Media

The Park.
File:ParkImage Fall.png
The Park during a fall season.
File:ParkImage Winter.png
The Park during a winter season.