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Mod Room (locSecret)
The Mod Room in Chobots
Location Unknown
Room Type Private Room
Introduced October, 2008
Room Features Mod Catalog
How to Access Staff Member Teleport


locSecret has been in Chobots presumably since it's inception and was in the game in 2008, some users would be lucky enough to be moved here if a Moderator used the #moveTo command to move all users to this room. The room was only accessible via a command and couldn't be accessed any other way unless the user went home and used the portal to go back to the last room they were in.


This room did contain a catalog that was only accessible for Staff Members however in multiple instances when a Chobots Server would be breached (Example: Chobots.com, Chobots.in, and Chobots.de all suffered breaches) users would gain access to the room & catalogs which contained many locked and never released items, or items which were sold for real currency on $hop pages.


File:Locsecret bg.png
The Image

It is currently unknown where the background image originated from, but included on the page is the original file which was exported from the rooms .fla file - any information would be appreciated and will be updated accordingly on the wiki.