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This Server is Offline! - Zapak Entertainment Version Closed in 2012, Private Server Closed in 2014 was a private server which was officially licensed by Vayersoft LLC to Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited in 2009 and launched in the same year. actually "outlived" the original and closed sometime in 2012. was later re-opened in 2014 however it wasn't by Zapak but a group of individuals. Website 2010 - Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited

The Beginning

Run on the Indian gaming website Zapak owned by Indian conglomerate Reliance Group through their subsidiary company Reliance Big Entertainment. ran a source from 2009 and never received some of the updates seen on before it's closure in 2011

The Streets of were generally dead, with some players visiting "late at night" for North American players, however shortly after the closure of became the only available Chobots for the Summer of 2011 until opened it's doors in October 2011 and exploded in popularity.


Shortly after the closure of due to the source being leaked as well as the Moderation Panel became plagued with "Hackers" which ruined the experience of playing Chobots - Many users would have accounts deleted, and would have to re-register. However, these deletion was only selected in the Moderation Panel which meant the username would not be available for registration again.

Closure closed it's doors sometime in 2012, with no clear reason however with the rising popularity of and the compromised security there isn't much to speculate. - "Private Server"

The Unlicensed Private Server was ran by Teckon and Monty, and ran for a few months sometime in 2014, the server shutdown and eventually became